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Network Architectures and Services

You may have found our site due to our research scans. We are a research team from Technische Universität München, Germany. If we have disturbed your network activities, please accept our apologies. Here is an explanation what we are doing. Mail address for complaints Please use or our contact form. Use our contact form to request blacklisting - please add the affected IP range, we are happy to blacklist at once.


Our team at the Network Architectures and Services Dept. (I8) of TU Muenchen, Germany, is carrying out scans of the DNS deployment. The starting date of our scans was Thursday, 19 December 2013. The purpose is purely scientific. The first goal is to determine the number of DNS servers on the Internet, and their reachability via the two standard ports. The results are meant to be used in a DNSSEC-readiness evaluation. As with our other scans, this is a large-scale scan, which we expect to last about 10-16 days. The scanning machine is It is not infected, nor is an attack intended.

Technical details

The scanning procedure is as follows: We recursively resolve names and reverse pointers of domains.

Possible IDS warnings

In general, we try to be as non-intrusive as possible. Still, some IDS systems will count our scans as an attack as probes pass the border routers of their networks. We are thus writing this in order to inform you of our activity. If there is anything you can do - adding us to a whitelist, adding a comment in your DB etc. - we would very much appreciate your help.

Further information

If you find we disturb your network activities, please accept our apologies and drop us a note to blacklist certain systems by replying to this mail. We promise we respond to every complaint, and we are happy to blacklist systems with annoyed admins.

If you have any further questions, or hints where we can improve, we would be happy to hear from you: lir-abuse AT